Friday, January 16, 2009

In The Beginning...

Wow... first day on my first blog and a lot to talk about... I've never 'blogged' in my life but I read everyone else's blogs so I thought I could start my own one day, you know, when I got older. Well, here I am! 37 years old. Am I old enough to have a blog now? Am I 'allowed' to have a blog? What do I put on here? Where do I begin? Do I talk about who I am or what I do for a living or do I even dare to start at the beginning? Wow! This blogging thing could be one of a few things:

fun? exciting? boring? dangerous? forgotten?

I just noticed that all of those actually is how I am... but I'll let you be the judge of that, you know, once you get to know me.

So.. I guess I should get a couple of things out of the way first.

1) I will NOT, and I repeat, will NOT be using real names here! This is to keep my secrets secretly in my front pocket. I do not want to get present and future people hurt, scared, sad, happy, what-have-you. So for this reason, any and all future talks of any person, place or thing will be true stories but with names changed (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent) Got it? Good...

2)Any and all things that I say, well type, will be at my own discretion. I have too many people as it is in my life at this exact moment that likes to tell me how to act, what to say, when I should say it, how to dress, how to eat, what time I should take a shit, blah! blah! blah! so I do NOT need anyone else's SHIT! I think the main reason for starting this blog is that NO ONE can tell me that I can not do something here! Yeah, you can leave comments (if anyone ever actually finds this blog over all the million and trillions of other blogs out there) but I will NOT let you judge me or tell me what to do! I have enough people doing that in my life already (more on that another day). You can't say something or judge me more than I already have been so do us/me a favor... save it.... But just humor me.. if and when anyone ever finds my blog... leave me a message okay? hee hee

3).... um... is there a 3? Nah... I don't think so... everything else is a free-for-all! Let it all hang out here because trust me... I am going to say some things on here that I don't even think that I even agree with.. But then again, that is why I can do this.. because I CAN! No one can tell me not too :)

Okay, now that is over. What now? Am I suppose to introduce myself? To myself? hahaha I really crack myself up! Okay, here it is... just for shits and giggles (remember, every and all names have been changed to protect the innocent) :)

My name is "Amy". I am a 37 (wait.. am I 37? Yeah! I am) woman. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I had lots of friends growing up. Well, I wouldn't actually say I had a lot of friends but the friends that I did have.. well, I could (and still can) count on them for anything! They are truly amazing. Even though none of us actually keep in touch with each other (there were 4 of us, the 4-Amigos) we are still friends. I have their phone numbers, they have mine but we are all just going on with life. Whatever life has dealt to us. But I know, as well as they do, that we love each other and would drop everything to be there for one another. Anyway, growing up we smoked a lot of weed. When I say a lot.. I mean a lot man! We used to hang out with a biker club that was full of old stinky bearded old men. We were all young, cute, sexy and we liked to tease the old geezers! I think that is why they used to smoke (and give) us weed so much. Nothing was ever expected of us. Except we would go on rides with them to Harley Bike Rallies. Nothing hotter than an old biker man showing up with a teenage hottie on the back of their Harley :) Hey, we got weed! That's all that mattered to us. And no.. we were addicted to weed. We were just young and liked to get high. Then later in life... around age 18, my other 3 amigos started dating black guys. We were all so close that I guess I just went with the flow. I was never with a black guy. I didn't like that, wasn't my cup of tea. My friends started doing the 'hard drug stuff' (ex: crack, acid, pills, etc) so I kind of 'weeded' myself out of the group (no pun intended). So I got myself a new group of friends. They weren't the same. I didn't like the new group of friends but I sure didn't like what my Amigos were doing either so I "dealt with it".
Anywho, on my 21st birthday I went to a bar. A strip bar with one of my friends. She was actually there looking for her cheating boyfriend. I was thinking.. hmmm... if I was a guy.. looking for a girl.. where would I go? Strip Club! So that is where we went. I have to say, those little strip clubs weren't like I thought they would be (well, remember me saying this because it will come back to haunt me). Anyway, met a guy that was in the Army there. Yes, at a strip club. Fast forward to keep a long story short... 10 months later we were married... "That" my friends is where it allll goes wrong...
Enough for now.. my fingers are tired from typing.. my mind is hurting from thinking and I must get coffee? tea? chocolate? sex? Ah Hell! I'll just say that there is SOOO much of this story to follow along with that you will NOT want to miss my next entry... it only gets better (well, maybe worse) from here... So for now my cyber friends (or not).. until next time.... later taters.........

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